The Crew

Sandi Ljutić

He is the one that started it all and after more than twenty years he still enjoys spending all of his days in and around the company developing new stuff, telling jokes and running the business. Sport is his way of living and owning a sporting goods company is living a dream. Beside being the manager of the company, Sandi is in charge of our sailing program.

Femke Kralj Koester

Its incredible how much energy and how many ideas this little woman has! None of us are able to keep up with her and sometimes we don't understand her (maybe because she is German!). Apart from being in charge of the marketing and corporate trade for our kayak program, she helps develop new products and keeps everybody alert and under pressure at all times.

Dejan Kralj

He has the coolest, and coldest job of all. Every now and then Dejan comes in to the facilities, running around searching for new materials and helping to develop new products. Then he takes the stuff, vanishes for a few weeks, calling or e-mailing every now and then from god knows where, giving hints for improvements to the gear he is testing and ideas on how the company could do better.

Jurij Dorošenko

Jura takes care of the development of our sailing gear. He knows what sailors & coaches need and most important he knows how to find a solution. His experience as a sailing coach, first hand information and his technical ingenuity leads us to constant improvements and new products. He comes and goes like a hurricane, but nevertheless the mess he leaves behind, he is a valuable asset for our company.

Kristina R

Aka Kristinaline is in charge of the accountancy. She is our hardworking ant. She does all the work that basically all of us hate and frankly don’t understand very well.

Mihaela Olenik

If anyone has a clue of what's going on with all our productions, its her! And it always has been! She has been with us for more than 15 years and we are proud to have a production manager like her. Because of her, production runs smoothly even when dead lines are killing us. When it comes to production matters she is the one to consult.

Simona Longar

Simona is in charge of the diving production program. Beside this, she is the one who works out all the neoprene cuts exactly to your needs. She knows about the fitting and flexibility of all different neoprene types - for sailing, kayak or specially diving. Her speciality is custom made diving suits.

Denis Paliska

Our coordinator. His focus is on the smooth running and organisation of our little factory. Before working for Sandiline he had a hard time combining his love for sports with work. Now it is different - he has finally found an excuse to try all sorts of new sports! Only a few months with us and he has already taken his first kayak lessons ...How cool is that?

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