Welcome to mydrysuit web application. Please read these guidelines for an easier & faster full customization of your new drysuit.


Suit colors By clicking on the suit you can choose:

- 8 main fabric colors;
- 8 stitching colors;
- 4 colors for elbow, knee & seat part reinforcements;
- 2 colors for neck & wrists neoprene cuffs.

Note: If the mirror object feature is checked you paint both sides, if unchecked you paint just the clicked panel.

sandiline logotypes colors
When clicking on one of the “sandiline logotypes” you can choose the color of all sandiline logotypes (mirror object checked) or just that one (mirror object unchecked).

Your texts & logotypes
When you click on one of the dashed rectangles on the suit or on the “selected custom element” dropdown you can either: - Choose to upload you own objects (logotype, drawings etc.) Important notes: If you choose this option you will be able to select just the approximate size of your objects in Step 1, your files can be uploaded in Step 2: SET DIMENSIONS & EXTENSIONS. Please upload files in vectors! - Enter your own text. You can choose the approximate text length, 15 colors & 9 different font styles. - Choose not to apply anything by checking Hide symbol.


In this step you will be able to choose the size & upload your files.

With the help of the size chart you can either select a size from the list or type your measures after selecting “custom size”. Important note: If you choose the “custom size” feature make sure you take the dimensions correctly, sandiline will not take responsability for your measurement mistakes!

Uploads the files with the object you would like to have on the selected part. If you wish to change the size of your object go back to step one to change it. Important note: Please upload files in vectors!


Please fill correctly all the fields. If you have any remarks, questions or specifications you can write them in the more details window. When you click finish an e-mail with all the details, drawings & an non binding offer will be send to your address. We will be contacting shortly after that to finalize your project.

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