Big Championship for sandiEquipe

Daniele MolmentiAfter an incredible close race, throughout all the European Championships in Eiskanal in Augsburg we got some incredible new results. In K1 Daniele Molmenti (ITA) holds the title in front of local riders Paul Boeckelmann and Hanes Aigner, with Vavra Hradilek in 4th and Peter Kauzer in 6th place. Another sandiEquipe member Sideris Tasiadis (GER) took the title for Germany in C1, in front of Tony Estanguet (FRA) and Benjamin Savšek (SLO), but what a race. The paddlers from 2nd to 7th place were crowded in one second split. Even narrower margin of 1 houndred splitted Carole Bouzidi (FRA) and Melanie Pfeifer (GER), with Fiona Pennie (GBR) following them 6 houndreds behind. In C2  sandiEquipe took the top of the podium again with Jaroslav Volf and Ondrej Stepanek (CZE) in front of Hochschorner Pavol and Peter (SVK) and Behling Robert and Becker Tomas (GER). C1W was dominated by local Mira Louen in front of Mallory Franklin (GBR) and Michaela Grimm (GER).

The European Champions in team trials are Germany in C1W, Slovakia in C1M, France in K1M, Germany in K1W and Great Britain in C2.

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