Gold and silver in K1M

What an incredible race! In Lee Valley Olympic Whitewater Center was the final decision of London 2012 Men Kayak challenge. Spectacular day of whitewater formula one racing! Olympic gold medal on his birthday is in the hands of Italian Stallion Daniele Molmenti! Three times European Champion, World Champion from Tacen and now Olympic Champion! Silver medal is in the hands of Vavřinec Hradilek. The energy, with which his mother was cheering from the crowd was incredible - it's clear how Vavra got his energy! Third place for Hannes Aigner, another of Sandiline support team. And since there are only three medals, we can't pass by Peter Kauzer, first after semis, but without a drop of luck you need in the final. As a true sportsmen he pushed the limits also for the others, and congratulated with respect to Daniele, Vavra and Hannes.

It was spectacular to see everybody in the race and we have to thank to all our sandiLiners pushing their limits. Our Mike Dawson, who made everything to be in London, performing great, it was a pleasure to see all of you racing and pushing the limits further. Hope to see more events like this one in future!


1. Daniele Molmenti (ITA)
2. Vavřinec Hradilek (CZE)
3. Hannes Aigner (GER)
4. Mateusz Polaczyk (POL)
5. Samuel Hernanz (ESP)
6. Peter Kauzer (SLO)
7. Etienne Daille (FRA)
8. Helmut Oblinger (AUT)
9. Kazuki Yazawa (JPN)
10. Benjamin Boukpeti (TOG)



Photos by Raphael Thiebaut

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