London Calling: Full house!

Double day in Lee Valley Olympic Whitewater Centre. It was D day for British as they finally got their medals - gold and silver in C2 - their only finals at the games. Just a touch away from their fourth consecutive gold were Hochschorner brothers, at the end on the bronze medal position.

Girls wrote us a heart attack story. Jessica Fox showed her skills in the finals with a time well faster than the fastest in semis, Emilie Fer just a bit in the front and Maialen Chourraut all in just one second. A breathtaking experience. We heard it's going to be a two day fiesta in San Sebastian and we believe it's not going to be the only place with a party!

Nevertheless - it was a pleasure to see you all racing and we hope to see a lot of you in 4 years in Brazil! Thank you!

Finals C2M:

1. Baillie/Stott (GBR)
2. Florence/Hounslow (GBR)
3. Hochschorner/Hochschorner (SVK)
4. Klauss/Peche (FRA)
5. Szczepansky/Pochwala (POL)
6. Hu/Shu (CHN)

Finals K1W:

1. Emilie Fer (FRA)
2. Jessica Fox (AUS)
3. Maialen Courraut (ESP)
4. Stepanka Hilgertova (CZE)
5. Jasmin Schornberg (GER)
6. Jana Dukatova (SVK)
7. Natalia Pacierpnik (POL)
8. Corinna Kuhnle (AUT)
9. Marta Kharitonova (RUS)
10. Hannah Craig (IRL)



Photos by Raphael Thiebaut

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