Together we set new standards!


Specially designed custom made gear, produced meticulously with state of the art materials, intended for the people who make the difference. Only world class athletes, European Championship, World Championship and Olympic Games medal winners are invited to join SandiEquipe. They are the ones who test our newest solutions today so we can offer you better products tomorrow.


Jennifer Bongardt (GER)


A great performer, not just on the water!

She is a rising star with many world-class results: World Champion 2007, two times World Cup race winner, European Champion and twice an Olympian. Since first making a name for herself at the Junior World Championships, where she was individual & team winner, she grew up to be one of the most attractive canoe slalom ladies - on & off the water. In September 2007 she created a lot of attention to herself  & the whole of the canoe slalom world by appearing on the cover of German Playboy magazine.  Thanks to her, German kayakers got loads of media attention before the 2008 Olympics - definitely a great contribution for this great sport. We have worked with Jenny since 2005. At first, this cooperation was as part of the equipment deal with the German National Team. In 2007, after wining 2 gold medals at the World Champs in Brazil, we decided to invite her to join SandiEquipe. Thanks for trusting us Jenny - we hope you are going to stay a long time in the business and we are sure your best years are still to come.

Elena Kaliska (SVK)

Elena Kaliska

She is the one to beat.

Elena owns an incredible series of results. Between 1996 & 2008 she becameOlympic, World and European Champion - and not just once!

Four Olympic starts, two consecutive Olympic titles in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008; 6 times overall World Cup winner, one second place and two thirds; 8 gold medals, 2 silver, 2 bronze at European champs - a true legend!In 2004 she showed great form to become European Champion, Olympic Champion and overall World Cup winner in the same year! The season after Athens, in 2005, she completed "mission impossible" and  won the World Championships in Australia - all the most important titles consecutively, just amazing!
We have been proudly cooperating with Elena since 1999. This allows us to say that besides being an outstanding athlete, she is an outstanding person. We give our best so she can perform at her best.

Julien Billaut (FRA)

Julien Billaut


Poetry in motion

Julien is the best promotion a kayak company can have on water. His fast lines and attractive style of paddling were a real pleasure to watch. Julien just recently finished his active CanoeSlalom career. This powerful athlete has achieved  very much during his career :2006 World Champion, 2004 European Champion and always in the top ranks of the slalom circus. He is much more than the most elegant kayaker around. Passion for kayaking and outdoor sports is his life. After finishing studying sport at University, he is now continuing his studies for a Masters in sports marketing. It is always impressive to be around such a talented individual. He is the perfect partner, not just for slalom training, but also for a great FreeRide or sea kayak trip. He joined SandiEquipe in 2005. Since then, we take care of all his needs when it comes to gear and we love to use him as a model for our newest products.

Pierpaolo Ferrazzi (ITA)

Pierpaolo Ferrazziwww.pierpaoloferrazzi.it

Simply a legend

Between 1987 & 2005 this man set new standards in whitewater slalom kayak. His past record shows that talent combined with hard work can lead to exceptional results. In 1990 and 1992 he won the overall World Cup. He became Olympic Champion in Barcelona 1992 and took the Bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He has also won numerous European and World Championship medals. What really distinguished this exceptional athlete from others, was, and still is, his willingness to teach newcomers how to become a winner. 
Pierpa was one of the first in the World Cup events competing in sandiline gear and also one of the first members of the SandiEquipe. We have worked with him since the mid-90's and throughout the years his understanding and advice of what could be improved always led us to useful new solutions. After retiring from professional competition in 2005 he became a coach with the Italian team. Even now, sandiline still supports him with the gear he needs for his "free time" paddling. He still deserves the best, and at the same time, we still need his wise advice. Miticooo Pierpa!

Vavrinec Hradilek (CZE)

Vavrinec-HradilekMr. Nice guy

Vavra is only 26 & so far he won a complete set of medals at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships with a gold in 2009 (K-1 team), a silver in 2010 (K-1), and a bronze in 2007 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships (K-1 team), on top of that he gained the silver medal at the London 2012 Olympic games. Not bad! ...and the best is still to come.

Peter Kauzer (SLO)


The EmperorPeter_Kauzer

Peter started paddling in 1990 when he was six. Ever since his life is all about kayak, he just can’t imagine his life without paddling. He already achieved almost all of the most prestigious titles - Overall World cup winner in 2009, World champion 2009 and European champion 2010, now he wants to achieve the biggest goal - become the Olympic Champion.

Peter is a perfectionist who smiles a lot, he like having fun and really enjoys life. He spends his free time snowboarding, wave surfing, cross-country skiing & playing badminton. His best place on earth so far is the Soča river valley.


Dejan Kralj (SLO)

Dejan Kralj

A real water sport enthusiast...

...always searching for any excuse to get on the water, no matter what the kayak discipline, plus any other watersports. Forming an exclusive team of distinguished competitors who would receive special gear was his idea. He is also the only Sandiequipe member in the Guinness book of records having won 6 consecutive World Rafting Championships with the Slovenian team named Bobri (Beawers). Laki has been an important figure on the international kayak scene since 1992, when he won two medals (individual silver and team gold) at the Junior World Championships. His greatest kayak achievements are a World Cup win and 3 consecutive (2005-2007). European Championship team golds. Since he has no intention of quitting racing any time soon, we are sure he will bring home many more excellent results. Being a fountain of new ideas, Laki is our main developer and tester. Together with Pierpaolo Ferrazzi he was the first member of SandiEquipe.

Daniele Molmenti (ITA)

Daniele Molmenti


Wild Stallion
If you have ever watched this guy racing, you know what we are talking about - he is crazy!  ...but in a positive and successful way! Cali, as his friends call him, began paddling in 1995 and so far he has been Junior European Champion in 2001, won the European U23 Champs in 2005, came 2nd at the 2008 European Championships, became European Champion in 2009, became world champion & world cup winner in 2010, won 16 Italian titles in various categories, conquered many podiums at important international races and most important he became the Olympic champion in London 2012.

Sideris Tasiadis (GER)

Sideris Tasiadis

Greek temper & German discipline

Since he was a little boy Sideris has been fascinated by the spirit of water. At the age of ten he started competing in canoe slalom. Sideris stood out as a natural talent with a good feel for the water. As a junior he conquered the gold medals in the Worlds- and Europeans. Although his roots are in Greece he decided to race for Germany. 2008 he made his debut for the senior national team. From thenceforth he competed with legends like Martikan and Estanguet, who were surprised by how good he was. His greatest strengths are his mental talent and his extraordinary skill finding the fastest line through the slalom course. Now Sideris made his dream come true - he won an Olympic Medal - silver in London 2012. We are proud to have such a talent in our exclusive team "SandiEquipe" and to be able to support and accompany such a talent.

Jaroslav Volf & Ondrej Stepanek (CZE)

Jaroslav Volf & Ondrej StepanekTeamwork rules!

This C2 team made their first international impression in 1994 with a 3rd place at the Junior Worlds and two years later they became Junior World Champions both individually and with the Czech team. But this was just the beginning of a great career. Since then they became 4 times team World Champions, European individual & team Champions more than once, overall World Cup winners in 2005 and individual World Champions at home in Prague in 2006. Despite all these results we think that their best season was the last one, 2008, when they won an Olympic silver medal in Beijing! We were very pleased when this team joined SandiEquipe in 2005. Together we developed new C-2 specific kit and set new standards for C-2 gear. Look, feel and paddle as one - these are the basic rules of teamwork.

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