Sailing trousers Atlas

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Sailing trousers have to be both performant and comfortable in all kinds of positions, movements and situations and for all kinds of body shapes. The usual solution isa compromise between all of those request more orless in favor of one end. Either the product is bulky andcomfortable or performance oriented and uncomfortable for most situations.

Our goal was to create a trouser that is comfortable, performant and not bulky. That moves, works, »breathes« with you. That is why we created the »breathe concept«. With light and stretchable materials on sides of the torso, the lower leg and shoulders we created a product that is always perfect fitting, regardless the position or operation, with no restrictions to comfort in any position.


  • breathable & waterproof 4 layer fabric;
  • adjustable glide neoprene lined cuffs on ankles that prevent water from entering the cavities on the legs;
  • dry relief zipper that makes the product watertight als oabove the belt and relief without unzipping or raising the spraytop or jacket;
  • windproof, waterproof and breathable fabric on the front of the torso;
  • highly breathable (still windproof and waterproof), lighter and stretchable fabric on the sides;
  • powermash net on the upper back and shoulders for ventilation;
  • cordura reinforcements on seat part and knees;
  • knife holder.
Color Black, Gray
Size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL