Torba/Podloga za preoblačenje

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Sandiline presents a versatile gear storage solution designed for the active water sports enthusiast.
Introducing our all-in-one bag, the perfect companion for your wet or drysuits and other water gear. With a 33-inch diameter, this bag offers ample
space for all your essentials. Equipped with a convenient standing mat, our bag ensures you stay clean and dry while you change in and out of
your gear.

The foldaway mat provides an additional surface for easy dressing and undressing, making your transition from water to land seamless and
Featuring a heavy-duty shoulder strap and padded carry handles, our bag offers both comfort and durability,
ensuring easy transportation wherever your aquatic adventures take you. Say goodbye to the hassle of separating wet and dry items.

Our innovative design keeps your clean and dry gear separate from wet and sandy equipment, all within one convenient
and reliable bag. Plus, it protects your car from any potential mess, ensuring that your outdoor experiences remain
stress-free and enjoyable from start to finish.

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